Zhou Mingfeng's busy schedule is normal, but Jiang Jinjin will go out early every day and return late every day.
The person who lives at home every day is actually Zhou Yan in the rebellious period.
Ever since Zhou Mingfeng caught him drinking in a bar that night, Zhou Yan has been honest with the naked eye.
Other students have either indulged in make-up lessons, or greeted friends and acquaintances.
They were very happy 24 hours a day, except for one.
Except for three meals a day, he stayed in his own room, like a mysterious cultivator.

At the beginning of the store, there were a lot of things.
Sometimes Zhou Mingfeng came back from get off work at night, but Jiang Jinjin hadn't come back yet.

In fact, Jiang Jinjin didn't panic all day about possibly having a relationship with Zhou Mingfeng.

It's not that she has completely accepted the identity of her wife, but that she has no thoughts and energy.
She has become a salted fish when lying in bed at night.
No one wants to make her move.
Coincidentally, Zhou Mingfeng seems to be the same.
His earliest time during this period was when he arrived home at 9:30 in the evening.
After he got home, he washed and went to bed at more than ten o'clock…
Lying next to a thirty-nine-year-old man, Jiang Jinjin's mental activities became nervous.
With the affirmation she can sleep peacefully.

Thirty-nine is good.

If Zhou Mingfeng was nineteen years old this year, or in his early twenties, she would definitely not be so calm.

What Jiang Jinjin didn't know was that when she signed a contract for the convenience store purchase and obtained a business license, and she was so busy that she didn't have time to spend the 3.6 million yuan in the card, there was someone who tossed and turned for her and couldn't sleep.

This person is Yun Xin.

It has been more than a week since she was caught in a bar.
Yun Xin couldn't sleep well every night.
Fortunately, it's already summer vacation.
She doesn't need to go to class the next day.
Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to carry it with her current day and night upside-down work and rest.
But Yun Xin is still very young, and she is only in her early sixteen this year.
Her thoughts are also very limited by her age.
Jiang Jinjin has already forgotten what happened that night, but she is reviewing her dialogue with Jiang Jinjin every day.
The more she thought about it, the more she regret it.

Why did she say those things to Zhou Yan's stepmother with a hot head?

However, the reason why she regretted it was not because she felt she offended Zhou Yan's stepmother, but because she was worried that Zhou Yan's stepmother would hate Zhou Yan, and even tell Uncle Zhou about this matter.
Wouldn't Zhou Yan's situation be worse and more pitiful?!

After tangled and uncomfortable for a week, Yun Xin felt that she couldn't just sit back and wait.

At least this matter must be known to Zhou Yan, and let him be wary of preparations that the stepmother may have a back hand.

But the question came again.
If she let Zhou Yan know what happened that night and what she said, would Zhou Yan be angry and would blame her for being nosy?

Early in the morning, Yun Xin asked Yan Zhengfei to come to the house for dinner while her parents were away.

Yan Zhengfei was dressed in an extraordinarily pompous manner, and he also specially applied wax to his hair.
When he saw Yun Xin, his face couldn't stop smiling, “What's the matter, you suddenly asked me to come to your house for dinner, you didn't call Elder brother Yan?”

Yun Xin's eyes drooped, “I didn't call him.”

Yan Zhengfei grinned, “I'm not used to it.”

“Zhengfei, do you remember that Zhou Yan's stepmother sent me back that night?” Yunxin gritted her teeth when she saw that there was no one around, “It's been a week, and I can't sleep every night.”

“?” Yan Zhengfei also noticed that Yun Xin's complexion was not very good, and reduced the smile on his face, “Why, did something happen that night?”

He also wondered what could happen that night.

Can stepmother Zhou Yan still bully Yun Xin?

Yun Xin's eyes were reddish, and she was really anxious and aggrieved.
She didn't understand, she just said that, if Zhou Yan's stepmother didn't want to agree, then just let it go.
Why should she say that to scare her, suggesting that she has recording equipment in the car, and that what she said might be heard by Uncle Zhou?

People's memories are selfish, beautify themselves, and vilify others intentionally or unintentionally.

Yun Xin subconsciously narrated the events of that day in a way that was beneficial to her, “Zhou Yan's stepmother was very angry and lost a lot of temper.
I know I said something wrong, but it was just a sentence.
It was just one sentence.
I was so scared that I kept apologizing to her, but she told me that Uncle Zhou would know…
Zhengfei, I really didn't expect that one of my unintentional words would make her care like this.”

Yan Zhengfei frowned, apparently also finding this matter very tricky.

Yun Xin waited for his answer.


Yan Zhengfei glanced at her, and said in disapproval: “Yun Xin, I think you really did something wrong with this.
How could you tell her that?”

Yun Xin was shocked by the mistake.

“Although Brother Yan is a good friend of ours, if he needs my help, I'm bound to cut into his ribs…” Yan Zhengfei doesn't know what to say, but he doesn't agree with Yun Xin's actions in his heart.” I also don't want Zhou Yan's stepmother to be pregnant with a baby, but our idea is ours, how can we tell her, don't you think it's very abrupt that you run to her and tell her this kind of thing?”

Yun Xin's eyes burst into tears now, “But I have already said, I really drank too much that day.”

Yan Zhengfei thought for a while, and then said: “Uncle Zhou has so many cars, even if there are recording equipment in the cars, Uncle Zhou will not be too idle to check it every day.
Let this matter pass, don't mention it.”

Yun Xin didn't believe it, “Stepmother Zhou Yan was so angry that day, wouldn't she tell Uncle Zhou to listen to it?”

“Should…no.” Yan Zhengfei said.

“You can't be sure,” Yun Xin downcast, “Well, you can't help it.
I figured it out.
I'll apologize to her and Uncle Zhou later.”

After speaking, she said dimly with tears, “My parents will definitely be very angry.
I regret it.”

Yan Zhengfei couldn't see her crying, and without thinking too much, he said: “Don't apologize, I'll take care of this.
You can rest assured to sleep!”

Jiang Jinjin is very busy this afternoon, and the convenience store will open in these two days.
She thinks of always telling the customers' fathers.
Since the first two days, she has been involved in the preparation work.
While asking the Zhou's pastry chef to bake some biscuits, she bought exquisite greeting cards and wanted to give everyone in this villa area.
All households gave a small gift.
Her requirements are not high, as long as they know that the store is about to open.

Although it is fine to announce it in the group, she feels that it will be more sincere to give a small gift in person.

No matter who you are, you like sincere people, don't you?

In the afternoon, Jiang Jinjin occupied a corner of the living room, and took a pen to write seriously on the greeting card.
But she obviously overestimated herself.
Now that the technology is advanced and she has graduated from university, she usually relies on keyboard typing to communicate with people on weekdays.
When she actually picks up the pen and writes, she neglects to exercise.
After thirty cards, my wrists began to sore.


Looking around, she extinguished the idea of “inviting someone to ghostwrite”.

At the moment, the housekeeper and several aunts have their own jobs, and she is really embarrassed to interrupt.

She also blamed herself for thinking about things too easily…Obviously, you can write one by hand, and then print it out with a printer!

She wanted to open this store too much, and business was booming.

Just as she continued to bury her head in writing while encouraging herself, the door of the villa opened with a rustling sound.
She raised her head and saw a person walking in from outside, and this person happened to be familiar to her.
It was Zhou Yan's best friend, Zhengfei.

She just wanted to take a break, so she stood up and prepared to go to the kitchen to pour some water and greeted Yan Zhengfei by the way, “Zhou Yan is not at home now, it seems that something is going on out of the house, so you can just wait for him.”

“Yeah.” Yan Zhengfei nodded casually, his eyes do not know where to rest, “I called him before I came, and he will be back soon.”

Jiang Jinjin nodded lazily.

I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water.
When I came out, Yan Zhengfei was still standing in the living room like a pillar.

Jiang Jinjin was puzzled, but didn't mind chatting with him, and continued to sit down and write greeting cards.

Yan Zhengfei was still very courageous.
He leaned in and asked familiarly, “Auntie, are you writing a greeting card?”

“En.” Jiang Jinjin didn't lift her eyelids.

Yan Zhengfei looked at the content of the greeting card she wrote with the courage, and said in surprise: “Auntie, are you going to open a store here, a convenience store?”


“So you are writing greeting cards to the residents here?” Yan Zhengfei couldn't hide his shock.

He really didn't expect Zhou Yan's stepmother to open a store, but a convenience store…

Is this necessary? ?

It's not that Uncle Zhou has no money, so why bother? If she really wants to do something, she can let Uncle Zhou run a company for her.

Jiang Jinjin didn't bother to answer.

Yan Zhengfei moved his wrists from time to time when he saw her, and when he thought of Yun Xin, he blurted out: “Auntie, should I write a greeting card for you too?”

He thought about whether Uncle Zhou would know what Yun Xin said, but the key lies in Brother Yan and stepmother.

If the stepmother didn't say it, Uncle Zhou wouldn't know.
But will the stepmother say it?

It's unlikely, but it's not impossible.

Anyway, the dead horse should be a living horse before.
He should first please stepmother, if the stepmother is in a good mood, maybe she won't care about Yun Xin and Brother Yan.

Jiang Jinjin slowly raised her head, looking at Yan Zhengfei with a puzzled expression on her face.

The book did not say that Yan Zhengfei is a good and helpful baby.

Yan Zhengfei made persistent efforts: “When your shop is open, I am sure to join in, and let my friends come over to join you!”

Jiang Jinjin loves to hear these words.

“Are you really going to help me write?” Jiang Jinjin asked.

Yan Zhengfei nodded sincerely and couldn't wait, “Really, my hands are itchy for a long time, and it feels uncomfortable if I don't write a few thousand words a day!”

Jiang Jinjin: “…”

Well, since the young man is so sincere, she is not good at rejecting him.

Although she doesn't know what medicine the other party sells in the gourd, she really doesn't want to miss an opportunity to free her hands.

When Zhou Yan rushed back from outside, what he saw was this weird scene.

His good friend Yan Zhengfei was sitting next to his stepmother, he did not know what they were writing.

His stepmother was still aside and said, “It is recommended to block letters here.”

“It would be more lovely and honest if the smiley face could be rounded.”

Then Yan Zhengfei sat upright, as if he had nails on the chair, and he was writing hard for less than three seconds, he obediently responded, “Okay, I get it.”

Zhou Yan: “……???”

What happened?


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