After listening to Jiang Jinjin's words, even if Yan Zhengfei wanted to quibble for Yun Xin again, he couldn't find the right words in his stomach and could only remain silent.

When Jiang Jinjin turned her head, she caught a glimpse of a car coming from behind.
She turned her head and recognized that this was one of Zhou Mingfeng's cars.
Her showed an expression of pleasant surprise, and the car stopped.
She ignored Yan Zhengfei, who was on the sidelines, and walked to the car in three steps.
The window was already open.
Zhou Mingfeng was sitting in the back seat.
Seeing her enthusiastic appearance, he smiled and said:”What did you come out to do?”

“My store is about to open.
I came to give the neighbors some small gifts.” Jiang Jinjin bent over.
She was at home almost all day today.
Naturally, she would not dress very solemnly.
She only wears looser clothes.
The T-shirt is matched with the sports shorts that are popular this year, a pair of sports shoes are on the feet, and a long hair is randomly tied into a messy bun.
She has a good foundation.
Under such a casual dress, standing with Yan Zhengfei, she also looks like a few years younger.

“Okay.” Zhou Mingfeng's gaze swept over Yan Zhengfei inadvertently.

Obviously it was just this understatement and Yan Zhengfei was almost frightened.

If it was before, although Yan Zhengfei was afraid of Zhou Mingfeng, he would greet him well when he met him.
Today, it was probably the guilty conscience.
The moment before, he was speechless because of Jiang Jinjin's words.
This second he saw Zhou Mingfeng.
He immediately understood why Yun Xin was so frightened and even tossed and turned for more than a week.

They all understood that even if Jiang Jinjin was Zhou Yan's stepmother, what if the name of the stepmother derives many chilling vicious stories.
Jiang Jinjin is also Zhou Yan's elder.
These juniors are just Zhou Yan's friends, so why do they care about Zhou Yan's father and stepmother's matters?

If Uncle Zhou knew, what would he think?

Yan Zhengfei was really scared now.

Even he, when he persuaded Zhou Yan to call Uncle Zhou some time ago, he also thought of the contention competition on a further level…
Couldn't Uncle Zhou think of it?

If Uncle Zhou misunderstands that this is also Zhou Yan's idea, then they are harming Zhou Yan!

No matter how well Yan Zhengfei concealed it, he was still a 16 or 17-year-old student after all.
Zhou Mingfeng could see him through with a look in his eyes, and naturally saw the panic look on his face.

Under the pressure of Zhou Mingfeng's sight, Yan Zhengfei smiled dryly and said hello, “Hello Uncle Zhou.”

Jiang Jinjin didn't understand that even if Zhou Mingfeng had the potential to be a gentle scum like “the first one second is gentle, the next second will raise a knife to kill and dissect”, there is no need to be afraid of him being like this.
At this time, it shows that her mental quality is excellent.
Look, she is still dressed as Zhou Mingfeng's wife, and sleeps with him in the same bed every night.
It's not only that she sleeps soundly until dawn, there is no problem at all.

Zhou Mingfeng nodded, and said to Jiang Jinjin, “Are you getting in the car?”

This villa area is very large, and you may not be able to finish shopping in a day, but at this time they are only a few minutes' walk away from home.

Jiang Jinjin was in a good mood today, and naturally she would not refuse Zhou Mingfeng's invitation.
She nodded happily, went to the other side, pulled the door and got into the car.

Although it has not yet entered fall, the villa area is surrounded by mountains and rivers and connected to the forest scenic area.
The temperature is several degrees lower than that of the urban area.
But when you walk outside, you still feel the heat.
As soon as she got in the car, Jiang Jinjin felt her body relax.
Every pore opened up, and she couldn't help but sigh: This life is lasting.

Zhou Mingfeng looked at Yan Zhengfei and said in a light tone: “Since you're here to see A'Yan, stay for a meal.”

Yan Zhengfei shook his head like a rattle.
He realized that his reaction was too intense in time, and struggled to explaining: “No, no, my brother will come to pick me up.
There is a family gathering at home today.
Thank you Uncle Zhou.”

Zhou Mingfeng did not relent, “Okay, when will Zhengkai come or should I let the driver take you there?”

“No need.” Yan Zhengfei couldn't wait to run away now, “My brother just called me and said that he was almost here.
Thank you Uncle Zhou.”

Zhou Mingfeng finally let him go, “Well then, pay attention to safety.”

Yan Zhengfei was pardoned, and immediately slipped away, and soon disappeared.

The driver continued to slowly drive towards Linhu Villa, Jiang Jinjin then curiously asked: “Did you get off work so early today?”

She was really curious, Zhou Mingfeng is busier than her every day.
When she woke up in the morning, he had already gone out, and when she slept at night, he had not yet returned home.
Sometimes she would say to herself in introspect, if she was so keen on work and hard work like him, she would have been a member of the rich woman's team for a long time.

People who you don't see until after ten o'clock in the evening have come back so early today…

She always feel that something happened.

Zhou Mingfeng said, “I came back early so that I can just accompany you for dinner.”

Now Jiang Jinjin is more and more not afraid of Zhou Mingfeng, and even in many cases, she will have such an idea: it is good to continue like this.

First of all, he is not young anymore.
Next year, he will enter the forty mark.
He is not like a young man in his early twenties in matters of men and women.
She doesn't have to go to work and muster the courage to deal with him.
She is powerless about this kind of thing too! In the future, it is not impossible for them to develop into couples with quilts and pure chat.

Secondly, he was gentle enough to get along during this period of time, but it was indeed greasy for a thirty-nine-year-old man to play the style of President Ba.
In terms of communication, she is not worried about being splashed with oil from time to time.

In the end, he has a big son of his own, and he certainly has no fertility requirements for his wife.

This is great.
Regardless of whether it is before or after entered the book, Jiang Jinjin, who is twenty-six or seven years old, has no urge to bear children even when she is at the age of marriage and childbirth among her elders.
She doesn't like children at all, and she doesn't know herself that much.
She has seen a very cool and sassy elder sister.
After she was pregnant and gave birth to a child, her circle of friends changed from inspirational positive energy to child's piss, even The elder sister laughed at herself, saying that she would never find her original self again.

How can she be sure that after giving birth to a child, she will not become the kind of mother who only has children in her mind?

Whenever she thinks of her future future, even her spiritual world, that another person will break into or even dominate, her scalp becomes numb.
Even though that person is her child, she cannot accept it at this stage.

If she has become a married wife and her husband still has childbearing needs, then she is definitely not thinking about making money, but running away.
Although she still bears the body of the original owner, she is also very selfish in her bones.
After coming over, her slogan is naturally still “my own will and my own feelings”.


“Then I will let the kitchen cook a few more dishes you like!”

She said that, but Jiang Jinjin really didn't know Zhou Mingfeng's preferences.

Zhou Mingfeng laughed, the setting sun outside the window refracted in, and it happened to shine on his face.

Zhou Mingfeng rarely eats at home.
Sometimes it is rare to eat at home once a month.
When the housekeeper saw him come back, he hurriedly asked the kitchen to add some more dishes.
During dinner, Jiang Jinjin came to the dining room and glanced at the dining table and was shocked.
Today's dishes are too much, they are basically the specifications of other people's New Year's Eve dinners.

In the dining room, the housekeeper and the aunt consciously left space for this strange family of three after finishing their work.

The rectangular solid wood dining table, three people each occupy one side.

If there is only Zhou Mingfeng here, then Jiang Jinjin seems to be in a good mood, maybe she will look for topics to stir up the atmosphere, but now, facing the father and son at the same time, she just wants to shut up and have a good meal.
As an outsider, she can see that this father and son has many problems and may be in a contradictory period that all parent-child families will experience – parents do not understand their children, and children do not understand their parents, so they can only do it oppositely.

This is a war that may be as long as a few years or as short as a few months, and in the end there will always be a winner.

But no matter what, it has nothing to do with her.
She is not too idle to get involved, and she has self-knowledge.
Even if she tries her best to be a good stepmother, she still has to see whether the children can buy it.

This kind of hard work, unpleasant loss, even if it looks like a mother and child for a while, but at an important juncture, she is still an outsider's difficult mode…
She really doesn't want to challenge.

When Jiang Jinjin was full of thoughts on her favorite ribs, she only heard Zhou Mingfeng ask slowly: “You called Assistant Liu and said you want to find a job?”


Jiang Jinjin was stunned and raised her head to make sure that she had heard it right.
The person who answered it was really Zhou Yan.

What's the matter, he is looking for a job? Isn't he a minor, isn't he still in school?

Which one is this singing?

Zhou Mingfeng's father was not surprised by her, he was as calm as a god, “Are you willing to work at the company as a porter?”

Zhou Yan nodded, “Yes.”

Jiang Jinjin looked at Zhou Mingfeng, then at Zhou Yan, “…”

Porter? What the hell?

“Assistant Liu should have told you that Weimei Company is a food branch under my name.
The address is remote and the scale is small.
Even the manager in charge has never seen me.” Zhou Mingfeng paused, “Neither does he know you.
You will just be a porter when you go, no one will protect you.”

As expected, Zhou Yan was not a retreat performer.
Even after hearing this, he didn't mean to retreat.
On the contrary, he seemed to have aroused fighting spirit and said: “I don't need others to cover me, and I don't need others to know me.

All in all, this porter, he is determined!

When Zhou Mingfeng heard this, he didn't feel angry.
Instead, he tasted the asparagus with great interest.

When Zhou Yan almost couldn't help asking, “Just say it's okay”, he finally reluctantly opened his mouth, and said quietly: “The porter job is very hard and he does physical work.
The salary is not what you imagined.
It's so high, it's not as expensive as you can go out for a meal with your friends.”


“So what?!” Zhou Yan couldn't hear this.

“Do you think I must not be able to bear this pain?”

Zhou Yan had been looking for a job during this period, but he was a minor, and other bosses did not dare to use him easily, and he was almost fooled.

After thinking about it, he thought of Assistant Liu.

“What do you want to do?” Zhou Mingfeng looked at him, “Lack of money?”

“I think about it.
It is your obligation to raise me before the age of eighteen.
You will not spend a penny on me after the age of eighteen.” Zhou Yan pursed his lips and said seriously, “I start working now, and there is still university tuition.
I will settle the cost of living by myself.”

“What's the point?” Zhou Mingfeng asked, “Are you planning to sever our father-son relationship with me after the age of eighteen?”

Jiang Jinjin was surprised, is this what she can hear?

Did the father and son treat her as air?

Shouldn't this kind of remarks be left for when there are only two of them?

“No.” Zhou Yan said, “I just want to support myself and rely on myself in the future.”

A boy of 16 or 7 years old had hardly suffered any setbacks.
He suddenly noticed that his aura and self-confidence were all given by his parents.
Even if he was a good father, he had to build on his father's creation.

How could he accept this?

Therefore, the best solution he can think of is to support himself as an adult and no longer rely on his parents.

Seeing that Zhou Mingfeng had no response, Zhou Yan added, “I don't want anything at home.”

Jiang Jinjin: “?”

Where does this fool come from.

You don't want money from your family…
after all, he hasn't been beaten by the society.

Does this kid know how much money his daddy has?

She is an outsider who is feeling pains for his utterly utterly utterance.

Zhou Mingfeng nodded calmly: “Okay.”

Jiang Jinjin: “???”

Does your Zhou family discuss property and such major events so casually?

Although shocked by Zhou Yan's sudden second grade, Jiang Jinjin didn't take this conversation too seriously.
The relationship between parents and children is too complicated.
Today Zhou Yan boasts that he doesn't need a penny at home when he grows up.
A few years later, he knows how difficult it is to make money, and he loses his memory every minute.
He has never said this.
Is Zhou Mingfeng going to remind? Moreover, Zhou Mingfeng does not look like the top ten good people who will donate all his property back to the society in the future, so his money and his family business are naturally left to Zhou Yan.

Not leave it to Zhou Yan but leave it to her? Even if she drinks a few more glasses, she doesn't dare to have such a daydream.

Zhou Yan was obviously choked.
It seemed that he didn't expect that his rhetoric would only be exchanged for a “good” that was so plain that it couldn't be more plain…

Jiang Jinjin could see that Zhou Yan was depressed again, and he left the dining room without saying a word before he even finished the rice in the bowl.

Zhou Mingfeng may not be as calm as he showed.
If you really don't care, why bother to get off work so early, and why bother to look at the phone in the room like an old cadre after dinner?

She pretended to inadvertently sat on the sofa next to him and chatted with him, “Are you really going to let Zhou Yan be a porter? It has been very hot recently.”

Zhou Mingfeng looked a little tired, took off his glasses and gently wiped the lenses, “Let him go if he wants.”

He raised his head and looked at Jiang Jinjin.

Jiang Jinjin didn't see how he took off his glasses, especially when he was so close.

He has a typical peachy eyes and a tall nose.
If he was young, he would have had a certain charm.
The handsome air is on the surface.
Now this pair of eyes, whether they are smiling or not smiling, are all saying different kinds of “this is a man with a story” feeling.

Not all men will be mature, even some men in their forties and fifties, in terms of mind and self-control, can't compare to even a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy.

A man's maturity is not only about appearance, but also about his mind and experience.

These precious experiences polished the man in front of him into his present gentle and elegant appearance.

At the moment he took off his glasses and Jiang Jinjin stared at him, unexpectedly there was an illusion that he would unconsciously indulge in his eyes.

If her concentration is a little bit weak, if her emotional experience is not so rich, maybe she will be attracted by this man.

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