Jiang Jinjin looked at these earthy flower baskets in deep thought.

It's really that the personality of Wife Doting Kuangmo is too incompatible with Zhou Mingfeng, she doesn't believe it will come from his handwriting.
As long as you think about it, you can still figure out what is going on.
A busy person like Zhou Mingfeng, will he go to the flower shop to order flower baskets in person? Would he hold back the embarrassment of digging out three bedrooms and two halls with your toes and tell the clerk about the banner content? Obviously, he won't.

Therefore, it should be Zhou Mingfeng who told Assistant Liu to handle the matter.

Thinking of Assistant Liu's persona and the honest smile on his face, Jiang Jinjin looked at the content of these banners, and it became clear immediately.

After clarifying this matter, Jiang Jinjin was not as shocked as before, and went to work with Xu Congjian.

Youwei Convenience Store takes the route of “Sparrow is small and has all internal organs”.

It has everything for daily necessities.

In Jiang Jinjin's view, although Xu Congjian is an adult, she is nearly ten years older than him, so in her heart, this is still a child.
She sits at the cash register without any psychological burden and puts a condom.
Xu Congjian is not a twitchy person either.
Although he doesn't talk much, he does things quickly.
He looks thin but has a lot of energy.
One person can support two people.
After seeing him busy, Jiang Jinjin thinks, no need to spend a week.
The probation period is over, and she has already made him an employee in her heart.

Soon, a few guests were welcomed.

These are all kind-hearted grandmothers, Jiang Jinjin has a sweet mouth.
They met before in the villa area, and she often chats with them.

A few of them also let out words, as long as it is something that can be used at home in the future, they can buy it from her.

It's just that Jiang Jinjin didn't expect that they would join in to this extent, and now it's less than seven o'clock, they actually came to her to buy and buy together.

Jiang Jinjin hurriedly greeted them and greeted them enthusiastically, “It's early!”

“Your store just opened, we have definitely come to warm up your place.”

Although Grandma Liu is over 70, she is very fashionable.
She dresses herself beautifully every day.
These old grannies were good friends when they were young.
When the Forest Villa opened, several people booked a room here and made an appointment.
Spend your old age together.
Several old grandmothers have a very rich life every day.
They either go to college for the elderly or go shopping to play cards.
Among them, Grandma Liu and Jiang Jinjin have a special affinity because she thinks Jiang Jinjin looks a lot like her when she was young.
Seeing the same self before, you become close.

Several grandmothers noticed that there was a handsome guy in the store.

Grandma Liu is also a senior member of the Appearance Association.
She leaned over and took a closer look.
Xu Congjian, who looked so calm as to see, was a little embarrassed.
Then she said cheerfully: “What children eat nowadays, one is better than the other.
Jinjin, this is the clerk you were looking for? Looks about the same age as your Zhou Yan.”

“Well, it's a clerk in the store, older than Zhou Yan, just turned eighteen this year!”

Jiang Jinjin chatted with a few grandma in full swing.

Xu Congjian, who was looking after the cash register, had a meal, Zhou Yan?

Is it the same name or last name, or just the same sound?

There happened to be a classmate named Zhou Yan in their class.

So, if it is the Zhou Yan he knows, what is the relationship between the boss and Zhou Yan? Xu Congjian looked up and talked to the grandmothers about Jiang Jinjin, who had bright eyes when she was on the rise.
The boss is very young.
Is the boss Zhou Yan's sister?

The grandmothers are very helpful.
Everyone bought a lot of things and almost finished moving one of the shelves.

Xu Congjian scanned the code calmly.

In the first batch of business in the early morning, the turnover reached nearly 1,000.

The grandmothers are not short of money, so deciding to join in is definitely not just talking.

Jiang Jinjin escorted them all the way to the door.
Grandma Liu took Jiang Jinjin's hand and whispered: “I will look at the face.
This child is good at first sight.
You can rest assured to give the shop to him in the future.”

Jiang rejoiced, “Do you still look at the picture? Then tell me, how is my face?”

“Your forehead is full and your eyes are bright and clear.” Grandma Liu said earnestly, “and the complexion is excellent with red lips and white teeth.
As long as you manage your own business, your future life will not be much different.”

“Really?” There are not too many good words.
Jiang Jinjin heard a lot of such words before entering the book, but she is still happy every time she hears them.

Grandma Liu smiled and patted her hand.

As the sun rises and the temperature gradually rises, Youwei convenience store business is indeed good, and there are waves of customers.

When Jiang Jinjin heard Xu Congjian scanning the QR code to collect money, she only thought it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Seven o'clock in the morning.

During the summer vacation, Zhou Yan, who slept until eleven or twelve o'clock, got up early.

He went downstairs to the kitchen to drink water.
Butler Yang happened to come in.
He pretended to ask casually: “Uncle Yang, what breakfast do you have today?”

Butler Yang replied: “Madam woke up early today.
The kitchen prepared Chinese breakfasts such as xiaolongbao and soy milk, or if you want to eat western food today, you can have time for the chef to prepare it.”

“She woke up so early?” Zhou Yan asked.

Butler Yang was a little surprised, after all, this was the first time Zhou Yan asked the madam.

He thought for a while, and replied: “Today, madam's convenience store opened and she has been out for an hour.
I don't know if the business is good or not, or if she will be busy.”

Zhou Yan replied indiscriminately, “I'll eat something casually.”

This is a difficult problem for Zhou Yan.

Before that, he thought about meeting as few as possible with his stepmother, and meeting and communicating less with each other would reduce unnecessary conflicts.
He used to get along with his mothers husbands in this way.

The river water is best if the well water is not offended.

However, his friend offended her, and now that he knows, he can't pretend not to know, nor can he say that he has nothing.

But sincerely apologizing in person, he really couldn't say it.

“Will it be very busy today?” Zhou Yan said uncomfortably, “I mean that shop.”


Butler Yang smiled charitably, “Of course, the first day of opening will be very busy, and madam gets along with the other neighbors very well, so everyone will join in.”

Zhou Yan: “Oh.”

He ate breakfast in a hurry.
He didn't have any appetite, but he resolved it quickly.
He came to the door slowly and slowly changed his shoes.
Only then did he pluck up the courage to go out.
Seeing him go out, Butler Yang stood on the balcony of the first floor and followed his back until he could no longer see him, with a relieved smile on his face.

To be honest, he thinks the current madam is not bad.

There is no discernment, and the temperament is very lively and cheerful.
This house is too boring.
With such a hostess, he believed that the lives of the husband and the young master will also become rich and colorful.

If the madam is a person who supports her husband for a lifetime, then he prays and hopes that the relationship between the young master and the madam can be better.

Even though Yan Zhengfei was so angry that he almost fainted the previous night, he honestly came to join him in the morning.

He is very good at justifying himself: He must be honest in his life, and he promised to come, even if there is a knife in the sky, he will come.
However, he is a student, and it is too much for him to find fifty people to join him.

His money should be reserved for buying skins to buy equipment, and not dedicated to the future of the wife of the richest man or his mother!

So Yan Zhengfei and Zhou Yan met at the door of Youwei Convenience Store.

Yan Zhengfei: “???”

Zhou Yan: “…”

Yan Zhengfei couldn't accept it.
Zhou Yan already had the intention to give up the right to inherit the property.
Now he still came to help his stepmother!

He has known Zhou Yan for so many years, and he hasn't seen that Zhou Yan has the attributes of a Holy Father!

However, what surprised him even more was that when he stepped into the convenience store, he actually saw Xu Congjian, the school's master of studying.

There are so many changes in one day, so many that he can't help but transform into a screaming chicken, “Xu Congjian, why are you here??”

Zhou Yan: “?”

Jiang Jinjin: “???”

Good guy, even if you entered a book, the world of the novels doesn't need to be so small, right? The person she recruited turned out to be a classmate of Zhou Yan.
It was only at this moment that she remembered why she felt that Xu Congjian's name was familiar to her.
When the parent meeting was held last time, the parents mentioned the name several times.
She also saw the results ranking table.
Xu Congjian almost Full score by door.

Jiang Jin was surprised, “Didn't you say you are eighteen years old?”

If it is Zhou Yan's classmate, then the age should not be much different.
Zhou Yan is only sixteen this year.

Xu Congjian's expression remained unchanged, his voice still like a clear spring, “I went to school late.
Indeed, I am already eighteen years old.”

Jiang Jinjin was relieved now.

In fact, in that novel, Xu Congjian had more background than her background.

The pen and ink describing him is even more pitiful.
But here comes the question.
Why is such a person who looks no less inferior to Zhou Yan, such a first-year-old Xueshen, so transparent in the campus story?


Zhou Yan and Xu Congjian are both handsome, but they are of different types.

Zhou Yan is a school tyrant who follows a mad and cool line, while Xu Congjian is a cool and handsome school tyrant.
In terms of appearance and temperament, it is actually incomparable.
This makes Jiang Jinjin puzzled.
Is it because of the different ages.
In her school days before she entered the book, handsome guys who are obviously learning hegemony will be more popular and favored by girls.
Isn't he handsome and smart, isn't it more fragrant than the cold and domineering style?

Yan Zhengfei was stunned: “This world is too small, right, Xu Congjian, why did you go to work in Zhou Yan's mother's shop?”

Zhou Yan stood upright and looked at him blankly.
The ruthless school grass just wanted to correct him with his eyes: it's stepmother.

Xu Congjian, who has always given the impression that if a mountain collapsed in front of him, he will not change his face, this time he was really stunned.

He looked at Jiang Jinjin in shock.

Is she Zhou Yan's mother?

Jiang Jinjin is not blind.
She naturally sees the doubtful thoughts revealed in Xu Congjian's eyes, as if he is saying, “How come you don't look like a 30 or 40-year-old woman”…

She didn't want to be Zhou Yan's mother, let alone let outsiders think that she might be in her forties this year.
She acted decisively and didn't give Yan Zhengfei a chance to explain.
She first explained: “Not a biological mother!”

Yan Zhengfei:? ?

Jiang Jinjin said with a smile: “I am twenty-seven this year, how can I be his mother?”

Xu Congjian was stunned for a moment, and after recovering, he nodded normally.

This episode was explained quickly.

As a result, such a weird scene appeared in the convenience store while Xu Congjian was busy checking the cash.

Yan Zhengfei didn't say anything to Zhou Yan, and began to help with things tacitly.
Of course, neither of them could keep up with Xu Congjian, and it would be euphemistic to say the word 'clumsy'.

However, students at this age are also clever minded, and will be proficient after doing something for a while.

It is excusable that Yan Zhengfei came to join in and help.
After all, he only agreed to her the day before yesterday.
What about Zhou Yan?

As a stepmother, Jiang Jinjin watched her stepson busy in the shop so comfortably, but it was because she got the truth again.

Yan Zhengfei was so abnormal the day before yesterday.
He was helping her write cards and giving her things.
She could see that something was wrong with him.
How could Zhou Yan not know.
Zhou Yan knew Yan Zhengfei better than she, and naturally he could easily find out why Yan Zhengfei was abnormal.

So, Zhou Yan knew what Yun Xin said?

Did he think that he is Yun Xin's friend, so he wants to apologize to her in this alternative way?

Jiang Jinjin was really comfortable.

As a result, there were more people in the store to help.

Secondly, Zhou Yan's behavior did prove one thing.
He was not as indifferent as he showed.
On the contrary, he was not a bad person, and he did not belong to the maddening and helpless bear kid in the rebellious period.

The small convenience store is really lively today, and the goods on the shelves have to be constantly refilled, Zhou Yan and Yan Zhengfei are so busy that they couldn't rest for a minute.

Neither of them complained.

An extended Lincoln stopped not far away.
Zhou Mingfeng sat in the back seat with his slender legs folded, his eyes calmly watching the three boys coming in and out, Jiang Jinjin commanding with a smile on her face.

After a while, he retracted his eyes and said solemnly: “Go to the company.”

The driver hurriedly responded.

As long as someone is there, a lot of news will spread quickly.

There is constant news in a group of wives.

Zhang: [Do you see the picture.jpg? This was taken by my aunt.
Outside the store are flower baskets from Mr.

Sun: [It seems that Mr.
Zhou really likes his new wife.
Who doesn't know that his wife is just for fun when opening this small shop.
I didn't expect that he would still be so enthusiastic and give so many flower baskets.]

Wang: [I can't see that Mr.
Zhou looks like this in private…
The couple are really affectionate.]

Wan: [Picture.jpg This picture was taken by my aunt.
It's even more amazing.
What is the flower basket? Look, Zhou Yan went to help.
It seems that Mrs.
Zhou has already subdued Zhou's little thorn.
Now, how long have you been married now, high, it's really high!]

Several wives made surprised expressions neatly.

They all have children.
Even their own sons and daughters are at the age of sixteen or seventeen, which are enough for them to have headaches, and they can't listen to what their parents say.
Now Zhou Yan is just a stepson, so he obediently goes to help his stepmother? They have seen Zhou Yan, and lived in this villa area for so many years.
This is a resounding thorn head, now he is so behaved in front of his stepmother?

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