It may be that Jiang Jinjin's vision for the future is so good that she, who has almost never dreamed since she entered the book, actually had a particularly beautiful dream.

In her dream, she was sitting on a pile of money, and more than that, the sky was still raining banknotes.

There is also a voice-over that seems to come from the sky–

[Congratulations, Ms.
Jiang Jinjin, for buying a Lamborghini! 】

[Congratulations to Ms.
Jiang Jinjin for opening the thousandth branch of the Youwei Convenience Store Chain! 】

This dream is too beautiful.
In the dream, she spins and jumps on the bed of banknotes, seeming to never stop.

Zhou Mingfeng was awakened by a string of laughter after string of laughter.

Sitting up with sleepy eyes, he turned his head to look at Jiang Jinjin, who had rolled the entire bed into a twist like an octopus.

She didn't know what kind of dream she had, and she laughed out loud, as if she was extremely happy, her eyebrows stretched out, even if she didn't open her eyes, her excitement and joy at the moment could still be seen.

Mature and sophisticated Zhou Mingfeng guessed what she was playing yesterday as soon as she spoke.

As for why he had to agree to her, Zhou Mingfeng was no longer willing to attribute his extra patience to that period of kindness that had already been defined as an exchange.

Maybe he was curious about what she was going to do, or maybe he hadn't encountered such an interesting thing for a long time.

He had a panoramic view of everything and looked at her silently.

Jiang Jinjin was in a very good mood.
When she woke up, she saw no one in the house, and she hummed a song with interest, and went to the bathroom like she was doing a ballroom dance.

When she went downstairs after a brief fresh up, she met the housekeeper and asked by the way: “Where are the others?”

Steward Yang smiled and said, “Sir.
and Young Master have already gone out, madam, what kind of breakfast would you like to have today, Chinese or Western?”

Jiang Jinjin didn't even wait to reply directly: “Chinese style.”

In fact, her taste is very similar to that of the Zhou father and son.

“Okay.” Butler Yang smiled again: “The kitchen has stewed bird's nest porridge.
The blood bird's nest is used.
Would you like a bowl?”

After this period of “corrosion”, Jiang Jinjin heard about bird's nest and shark fins again, and would no longer breathe faster.
She said calmly, “Let's have a bowl.”

While Jiang Jinjin was enjoying her breakfast time calmly and slowly, Zhou Mingfeng and Zhou Yan were in the car, but the atmosphere was extremely tense.

Zhou Yan is going to work as a porter in a company under Zhou Mingfeng today.

Regardless of what Zhou Yan said so far, in fact this was his first time to work, and it was inevitable that he was a little nervous.

Zhou Mingfeng raised his hand and glanced at his watch: “Assistant Liu told me to report at 9 o'clock in the morning, and there is still half an hour left.”

Zhou Yan during the summer vacation really has no time concept.

Today can be regarded as getting up very early.

Zhou Yan checked the Weimei Company in Xinxing Technology Park.
Weimei Company, like the Forest Villa, is far away from the city center, so the distance is not too far.
Don't look at Zhou Yan's saying that he won't let others know his identity, but he really doesn't have the slightest feeling about the part-time job.
Ordinary workers, seeing that they only have half an hour to work, they will definitely rush by “life and death”, but Zhou Yan had no response after hearing this.


“The front is the subway station.
Xinxing Science and Technology Park is at the end of Line 15.” Zhou Mingfeng said again, “You don't have much time.
I suggest you get off and run over to take the subway now.”

Zhou Yan was taken aback: “?”


Zhou Mingfeng's legs overlapped, his posture was leisurely, “Why? Don't you want to go to work for self-reliance?”

Hearing the irony in his father's tone, Zhou Yan's temper came up all at once, and put his hand on the handlebar to get out of the car.

“Wait a moment.”

Zhou Mingfeng stopped him again, “I don't want your presence to disturb other employees of the company.
If someone finds out that you are my son, then your private visit to the company can only end.
I will not listen to what you say.”

“I know!” Zhou Yan said through gritted teeth, “I hope everyone will not know that I am Zhou Mingfeng's son!”

Zhou Mingfeng smiled calmly: “It's best to be like this.”

Zhou Yan got out of the car bitterly, and slammed the door shut with his best effort.
Zhou Mingfeng, who was sitting in the back seat, was unaffected, and without stopping, he said to the driver: “Let's go, go to the company.


It is one kilometer from the subway station.

He didn't dare to speculate.
As soon as he stepped on the accelerator and left, poor Zhou Yan just got out of the car and still hadn't gotten his bearings the family car left.

Zhou Yan: “…”

He didn't want his father to look down on him, thinking that it was only half an hour from nine o'clock, and had no time to think about anything else, he took out his mobile phone to navigate to the nearest subway station and ran all the way.

Jiang Jinjin discovered that she is no longer like her in Youwei Convenience Store.

Xu Congjian has part-time experience in a convenience store.
After starting one day yesterday, the business is still very good, but he is completely busy alone.
He is also checking the cash and sorting the goods on the shelves.
Seeing him as busy Jiang Jinjin was satisfied with his error-free work efficiency.
She felt that she was really too wise to recruit such a talented person.
After looking at the store for a while, the courier called and the nail equipment she ordered online arrived.

In the convenience store, Jiang Jinjin is a novice.

But in the area of manicure, she is simply too proficient.

Privately, she still hopes to be able to return to her old business.
Just like before she entered the book, her side job is to open a shop and be the boss, and her main business is to have a relatively stable job in a large company.
The reason why she opened a convenience store at the beginning was also because of the special environment.
Opening a nail salon here is absolutely a loss.
Generally speaking, grandmothers will not come to patronize, so her customer crowd is only those wives.
Nails are unlike buying daily necessities, these wives must have a fixed place to go.
Who wants to change easily?

She has her own plan.
When the convenience store's business stabilizes, she will also prepare to open another store.

“Xu Congjian, I'll go back first.” Jiang Jinjin carried her things, “Look at the store more and call me if something comes up.”

“Yes.” The young man standing at the cashier counter looked up, his face was handsome and his temperament was cold, and she couldn't help but feel good.


Jiang Jinjin made an appointment with Grandma Liu, and when the manicure equipment arrives, she will give her a manicure.

When Grandma Liu came to the Zhou's house, she asked her aunt to bring a lot of things.

It's dried sea cucumbers, seafood that has just arrived by air, and a box of corduroys.

Grandma Liu said cheerfully: “If you like to eat, I have a lot more, just take it.”

Jiang Jinjin took her hand and said affectionately: “Then I wont stand on ceremony.”

Grandma Liu gave birth to a son and a daughter.
Her son opened a real estate company and was considered a well-known figure.
His daughter was a capable diplomat.
Both children were very filial.
He bought her a villa here for retirement.

When she arrived upstairs, Jiang Jinjin skillfully laid out the equipment one by one, took the color palette and opened the software, and discussed with Grandma Liu professionally what manicures to be made.

After choosing one at last, Jiang Jinjin took Grandma Liu's hand to help her smooth the edges of her nails.

“You take good care of it.” Jiang Jinjin said with emotion, “If I am seventy years old and my hands are as tender as yours, I would really want to hide and laugh.”

Grandma Liu laughed.
It takes a lot of time to do manicures.
The two chatted, and the topic drifted over to marriage without knowing why.
Grandma Liu sighed and said with pity: “What a good girl, how can it be that you thought of marrying Mr.

Jiang Jinjin chuckled and raised his head, revealing bright eyes, “Look at what you said, as if he was bad.”

“It's not bad, but it's really older.” Grandma Liu said, “And he has children.
It's hard to be a stepmother.”

Jiang Jinjin just laughed.

She didn't know how to answer this.

Grandma Liu stared at the top of Jiang Jinjin's hair, her eyes soft.
She really fell in love with this child, and after a few contacts, she also regarded her as a junior in the family.
At this time, she was also rushing, “It's good if you want to open a store.
This woman, there must be something you really like here.
It's not a man or a child.
You see that I have two children, and now that I am so old, I have realized a little bit of life experience.
Children and men are the second thing.
The most important thing is that you are your own.”

“I agree with you on this point.” Jiang Jinjin blinked, “So what I think in my heart now is what I like.”

That is making money.

The old and the young chatted very well.
Grandma Liu said quietly, “I have some money.
If you are short of money for anything in the future, just talk to me, I…”

Jiang Jinjin leaned over, “You give it to me?”

Grandma Liu reached out and poked her forehead, “Lend it to you.
I also value money very much.”

Jiang Jinjin touched his forehead, deliberately disappointed in a very exaggerated tone: “Well then!”

She naturally listened to Grandma Liu's words, but she understood this truth long before she entered the book.

At the end of the day, Zhou Yan sat on the subway and doubted his life.

He was too tired, his hands were full of blood.
He guessed that being a porter would not be too easy, but he never thought it would be so tiring.
After checking in after nine o'clock, it may be that Assistant Liu spoke for him, and he was not asked to show his ID card, so he went to the warehouse to work directly after he received his work uniform.
He felt like a machine, moving around constantly, so tired that his clothes were sweaty several times.

Finally got off work at six o'clock, sitting on the subway, even blowing air-conditioning, emptying the brain, it turned out to be a particularly comfortable thing.

There is no subway station outside the Forest Villa, the nearest subway station is two kilometers away.

So after Zhou Yan came out of the subway, he walked for a long time before finally seeing the iconic building of Forest Villa.

Entering the forest villa area, you will inevitably pass the Weiwei convenience store.

Zhou Yan happened to run into Xu Congjian who came out to throw garbage.

Although the two are classmates, they haven't said a few words after two years.

Zhou Yan was ashamed, sweating profusely.

Xu Congjian is refreshing, tidy and clean.

Both are workers during the summer vacation, but the contrast is so sharp.

A ghostly messenger, Zhou Yan asked: “Xu Congjian, how much is your salary a month when you work here?”

Xu Congjian wondered how Zhou Yan would make himself look like he had moved a brick on the construction site for a day, and he was also a little puzzled that he would ask about his salary.

However, Xu Congjian's perception of Zhou Yan was not bad, so he answered and reported a number.

Zhou Yan: “…?”

The salary is higher than his.

Xu Congjian sensitively caught from Zhou Yan's eyes…
a feeling of envy?

Zhou Yan envies him? What do you envy?

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