Chapter 006 – She was surely not one to get married.

She had spoken with a domestic help yesterday.
Buying things are convenient but not as convenient as being able to just pick up what they need right outside of the district.

Surely, there were plenty of wealthy people living in this area who wanted all of their stuff airlifted from overseas, but there were also plenty of middle-aged to elder individuals who’d much rather pick out their own goods.

All the other districts had shops located right outside of it.
Jiang Jinjin had specifically spent an hour yesterday just to observe.
The traffic was pretty decent.
As such, they were good opportunities.

She would like to go into other sort of businesses but, unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of capital so she would have to start small.

The residences in this area found this place not too convenient also but it never occurred to any of them to open up a shop themselves.
Even the grandmas and grandpas who were closer to ordinary people, none of them needed to worry about money and, as such, none of them had any reasons to go and open up a shop.
They would need to hire people to man the shop and any profits that they could bring in may not even cover the rent and salary.

Nevertheless, just because they didn’t care about the small profit didn’t mean that Jiang Jinjin didn’t care either.

Baby steps, as the saying goes.

One step at a time, right?

Jiang Jinjin’s eyes beamed and she could already feel the joy of being a rich woman.
She quickly said to the butler, “You see, Uncle Yang, I have no work and a lot of free time.
I am thinking about doing something to occupy myself.
Do you think I can open up a shop?”

Butler Yang, “……”

He understood every single word that she had said but why was he baffled when they were all strung together?

“O…open up a shop?”

Jiang Jinjin nodded violently and rambled on.
“It will make things so much more convenient for ourselves.
Aunty Liu had said that buying things are inconvenient around here.
Neighbors close by can sometimes be more important than distant relatives, right? And not all of our neighbors are familiar with online shopping.
As a member of the HOA, we should do something for the mansion district.
Oh right, Uncle Yang, we are a member of the HOA, right? Is there a WeChat group?”

WeChat group was so convenient.
All customer sources.
They could even deliver if anyone wanted anything!

Even Butler Yang was surprised by how outgoing the madam was.

He thought about it some and said, “I think so.
I am not certain about a WeChat group.
Perhaps you can find out from property management.”

“Okay.” Jiang Jinjin thought about it some and said, “That’s such a hassle and might be easier to talk it through in person.
I’ll have the chauffeur take me over to property management~”

And, just like that, Jiang Jinjin went over to property management and expressed her interest in opening up a shop.
The property management was very supportive of that idea.
And, at the same time, Jiang Jinjin was able to get herself added to their chatgroup.

The group name was very descriptive –– The big forest mansion clan.

Jiang Jinjin was no hikikomori in both of her lives.

As soon as she was added to the chat group, she greeted everyone affectionately.
Under her very articulated speech, everyone found out that she was about to open up a shop to service them and everyone was polite and supportive of her in the group.

Jiang Jinjin hadn’t expected that things would have gone so smoothly.

Even the property management, touched by her “passion”, offered to waive three months of her rent.

All of these stemmed from her alias in the group – Jiang Jinjin at 9th building by the lake.

Everybody knew that 9th building by the lake was occupied by the Zhou family.

Naturally, this Jiang Jinjin was Zhou Mingfeng’s newly-wedded wife.

With this alias, nobody would think that she was after the very limited profit.
She was, after all, Mrs.
So why would she care about such chump change?

And, at the same time, inside another mansion, a few women were having afternoon tea elegantly and, of course, gossiping with each other as they enjoyed their tea.

Liu, “Have you guys met this Mrs.

“Yes, once.
She was dressed quite casually.
I think this Boss Zhou really liked her a lot.
Why else would he have married someone so much younger than him?”

A wicked old man in the business field who had seen it all.
With Zhou Mingfeng’s qualifications, even if he wasn’t as wealthy as he was today, he would have women flocking to him just from his charm alone.
It was almost impossible to get a wealthy, divorced man with a son to get married again.
As such, everybody naturally assumed that Zhou Mingfeng was very fond of his wife, even if she was over 10 years his junior.

“She is pretty, that’s for sure.
I thought she was some celebrity when I saw her.
But why did she want to open up a shot? I can’t figure that out.”

Zhang smiled in a mysterious way.
“You remember the former Mrs.
Zhou? I’ve heard that she wasn’t one that was easy to get along with and she had a bad temper.
This Mrs.
Zhou is trying so hard to show her kind and helpful side.
Perhaps that is Boss Zhou’s type.
She was going all out for her image.”

“Oh, I see.”

The group felt that they had figured out the truth.

Nobody would expect that Jiang Jinjin truly was going after what they referred to as “chump change”.

“Should we go show our support?”

“Well, of course we will have to.
We must show our support to Boss Zhou, right?”

And that was exactly the effect that Jiang Jinjin had banked on.


By the time the sun was setting, Jiang Jinjin even figured out what kind of plants she was going to put in her shop.
That was when it had dawned on her that she seemed to have forgotten something very important.

In this kind of uneven marriage, should she have given Zhou Mingfeng a heads up before she was to open up a shop right outside of the mansion district?


Yup, marriage life really wasn’t for her.
She would much rather make all the decisions on her own.
Who liked having such a powerful “superior” above them?

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