Selene had just gone to sleep when she heard her mother screaming her name. Selene kicked the soft sheets away and rolled out of bed. She was wearing a long white night gown and she didn want to change into something else so she took a gray coat to cover herself. She went out without her sandals that were neatly placed by her bed. She didn like the new house that they had moved into; a little cottage. She didn understand why she, a princess, should live in a village.

She walked slowly but was in the small living area in a minute because the place was so small. Her mother was clearing the dishes her father had just used.

”Here darling, help me carry these to the kitchen and… ”

” Kitchen? That thing looks like a latrine, mother. ” Selene interrupted.

”Watch your tongue young lady. I know you are upset about all this, ” her mother stopped to inhale, ” but you will thank us later. Now take this. ”

Selene stomped her feet but took the dishes from her mother. She sullenly walked to the kitchen and put the dishes in a coundrone of water. She muttered to herself and squared to start washing the dishes.

”You should have at least brought a servant along. ” she called to her parents, ” One wouldn hurt, would it? ”

”Oh dear, ” her mother said trying to hold in her laughter, ” just work. It will help make you more grateful and strengthen your weak muscles. ”

The two women laughed together. Silence then filled the room save from their twin breathes that sounded a bit laboured. Selene stared laughing again though in a hushed tone. Her mother was shocked and looked at her daughter who was jiggling from holding in her laughs.

”What are you laughing at? ” he mother said with a hand over her chest.

It was like Selene to labour her mothers poor heart by acting barbaric and unsophisticated.

”Oh mother, remember when the room fell silent and our breathes were twined and laboured. ” she stopped talking and laughed again then she moved closer to her mother to whisper, ” It sounded like we were doing dirty things in here. ”

Selene laughed again after seeing how her mothers eyes widened in horror at what was going through her daughters mind.

”Selene! ” her mother exclaimed.

Selene laughed again while waving her hands in front of her.

” Oh my dearest mother, Ill stop. ” she said between laughs.

The room fell silent again and Selenes mother looked at her all the while, searching for the mischievous look to surface and it did. She hit her daughters thigh and gave her a warning look. Selene noticed a bright red and orange glow entering the building so she got the p and peeped outside t

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