Selene opened her eyes when the arrow didn pierce her. The man had turned around and was aiming at someone or something else. She looked in that direction and saw with her own two eyes for the first time, a dragon. She marveled at its majesty and felt her lungs tighten. She started to cough and soon her spit became stained with blood. Her parents had told her about how being in the presence of a dragon that had no master could weaken a human being. But was it supposed to be this intense? She had to leave else she would die faster than she was born.

Selene tried to get up but couldn because her bones felt soft and all her strength left her. Was this how she was going to die? Had her parents died to save a roast duck? She couldn walk so she started dragging herself across the ground. The village she and her parents had gone to was close to the forest so that they would look even poorer. But at that moment, the seclusion wasn a blessing because it only meant no one would come to help. In their plight to escape from assassins, they got butchered instead. She felt a gast of wind about her when in reality, the dragon that was roughly three hundred meters from her was about to take flight. Selene looked over her shoulder in time to see its feet lift off the ground. She resumed her struggle of trying to pull herself away from that place. Her eyes suddenly shot wide. She looked back again to see that were the village once stood now reduced to literal ashes. There was no one in sight and she reconned some of those ashes were of humans.

Selene pulled harder now that she realised what level of trouble she was in. She would have loved to at least bury her parents after all this but now nothing was left of them to be buried. It was going to rain soon and their ashes would become part of compost. In a way they would still end up as part of the earth. She stopped dragging herself for a while and lay on her back. She let her grief overcome her and she sobbed loudly. A spark of lightning flashed across the sky and within seconds, the thunder roared.

The rain fell in small droplets and it made the place look even more gloomy. Selene sat up as she felt more energetic. She got up and looked in the direction where the small village once stood then she turned to the forest ahead of her.

” Here I go. ” she said with a sigh.

She started walking slowly, going deeper into the forest with each step. She took in her surroundings careful not to let the slightest detail escape her. It was possible that she might encounter an animal if she continued in this direction; but she had just come face to face with a dragon, what could be worse?

The dragons had been around for centuries. They were servants of those with a rare blood line of royals who could control them. Both her parents weren carriers of the blood line but she might be one. She didn think it was possible so she had already given up the thought of having a dragon to serve her. The dragons stopped serving their masters after they had a child or in the case of women, once they conceived.

Selene started remembering what happened in the village. Why didn it kill her? It killed everyone except her and she found it to be strange. Maybe she was supposed to be its master. She laughed at herself inwardly. She didn know why her parents had decided to leave the palace or why they forbade her from returning but all she knew was that she was now alone in this world.

She felt like she was being watched so she looked around. She saw no one and nothing so she continued walking. Selene halted her steps because right in front of her, an eye was staring at her. The thing was huge judging by the size of its eye ball. She screamed and started running back in the direction she was coming from. The dragon moved from its hiding spot and walked after her. Selene felt helplessness envelope her because covering two hundred meter was just a step for the creature. Every time its feet touched the ground, the ground shook violently making her stumble. At last she came to the clearing where the village was. The dragon, as if in disapproval, let out a loud sound like thunder. The rain started to get heavy and Selenes legs gave in and she fell. She turned around to see the dragon towering over her.

It had its face to the sky and then its majestic wings spread out and in an instant, the rain stopped. It looked down at her and moved back a little. The dragon brought its face in front of her and warm air landed on her. Her dress dried and was free of any dirt. She screamed again but the dragon picked her up with its mouth. It tossed her in the air and she landed perfectly on its back. She held on tightly for her life as it took off into the air with its majestic wings.

She screamed for fear if falling as she looked down. She shut her eyes and continued screaming. The dragon turned sharply to the ground and Selene felt her lungs deflate completely. When they dragon landed, Selene listened her grip on on of the scales she had been holding onto. She slid down its massive body and the scale fell right after. Her eyes widened at the shiny scale and she looked at the dragon to see if it had noticed. It was looking straight at her with a serious expression that scared her and made her think of all the way it could kill her.

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