Using a piece of stick of appropriate length as a weed-whacker, I walk in the direction indicated by my wristwatch.

It will be a little hotter than yesterday, but I can’t be foolish enough to take off my jacket and hold it in my hands.

I will put on my jacket in the hope that it will provide at least some protection.

My vision should be as broad as possible, and I should be sensitive to sounds and signs.

There will be no doubt that I will not be able to sleep well, but if I am prepared to die if I make a mistake, a day of sleep deprivation is nothing to worry about.

With this mindset, I spent the next two hours checking for suspicious mushrooms along the way, as well as flowers and grasses growing under my feet.

Suddenly, something white passed in front of me.

My shoulders jolt as I begin to grow weary, but I stop walking and catch my breath for the moment.

(First, I had to see where it went…)

While moving slowly behind the trees, I look at where the creature went while peeking from behind a tree.

Then, about 10 meters away, there was a 30-40 cm creature that appeared to be a rabbit, with it facing my direction.

(Is this… a monster? It has to be a monster, I suppose.)

The rabbit has a single large horn on its forehead.

This appearance, which has been a part of multiple games in the past, would be enough for me to judge it as a monster.

I am a little scared because its eyesight is more intimidating than I expected, but if I can’t beat this bunny, I’m not going to beat anything.

I put my bag at my feet and stand in front of the rabbit, loosening my tie.

The horned rabbit doesn’t even move, just stares at me.

(He doesn’t even run away… I’m being underestimated.)

But that can’t be helped.

The horn on its forehead is sharp, about 20 to 30 centimeters long, and I would surely receive a fatal wound if I were pierced by it.

On the other hand, I am not wearing any armor, and I am merely holding a wooden stick in my hand.

I have to observe carefully.

Anticipate how your opponent will react.

It’s big for a rabbit, but if it’s still only 30-40 cm, it’s easiest if you kick it in the feet.

But if I make the wrong move, there is a high probability that the horns will at the very least stab me in the leg.

That’s no good.

It will hurt so much that even if it is on my leg, I am confident that my heart will stop.

What then?

That horn is definitely its most powerful weapon.

If it is holding its position without running away, it must be thinking that it will stab me with its horns.

Then, how will it deliver its attack? 

The only way would be to rush at me with all the power of its legs.

It can only attack in a straight line, and I may be able to dodge it….

Then, the only way I can take it down unscathed is…

I quickly put down my only weapon on the ground.

Then, I quickly took off my suit jacket and spread it out in front of my body.

I don’t think I’ll be able to hit a small animal with a wooden stick, and even if I try, it’s just a stick that isn’t even made of cypress.

If I can’t inflict a fatal blow, I can only see a future in which I will die from an unavoidable horn attack at close range.

Then, here is the strategy.

To make it harder to hit me, I hide my body behind my jacket, and if possible, I will strangle him by wrapping him in my jacket and blindfolding him! 

I spread my jacket in front of me and approached him.

What will you do? 

The jacket of a man who used to be 5’9″ is big enough, right? 

I haven’t been this nervous in a long time.

Even when I have a business meeting with a new client, I have never been this nervous.

Since I have taken off my jacket, I am supposed to feel a little cooler, but I am sweating profusely.

Jiri… Jiri…

Here it comes!!! 

The horned rabbit, which suddenly starts running, accelerates even more on the way and plunges in.

(Ooooh! That’s pretty fast!!!)

I managed to barely avoid it as it tried to stab my jacket in the middle, but only moved past it.

I immediately turn to the rabbit and once again push my jacket in front of it.

Phew… phew…

This is like a bullfight…a small bullfight that even the Spaniards would be surprised to see.

The color of my jacket is all black, though! 

Judging from the speed, the penetration power of the attack is indeed merciless.

However, there is one thing I learned from this.

When it jumps to attack, it aims at my stomach area.

This is definitely the point he is trying to aim for.

And then…

It is fast, but not so fast that I cannot follow it with my eyes.

At least, there are signs that it will run, so I have come to understand from the current attack that it is not impossible to avoid it.

Since it lunged at me aiming at the center of my jacket, if I shifted my body to the side a little, I may be able to avoid a fatal wound.

So, what shall I do next?

In front of the horned rabbit, which is staring at me again, I change the way I hold my jacket in my hand.

From the bullfighting style of holding the jacket with both hands and fluttering it, I change to a style in which I hold the collar and hem of the jacket and hold it in place.

If he lunges at me in this way, he may try to pierce my jacket with his horns.

And if he can successfully pierce the jacket, I can achieve my initial goal of wrapping him in the jacket.

My first battle at the cost of a $60,000 suit!

Even so, I can’t turn back from this.

After changing the way I am holding it, I approach the horned rabbit again.

Come on, come on.

It’s the same as before.

Come on, shove it! 

A momentary silence.


Here it comes! 

This time, to prevent it from escaping, while turning my body to the side, I put all my strength into my hands, hips, and legs, and hold on! 


The horns slightly pierce through the jacket, and the horned rabbit was immediately wrapped up by its move.

While guiding the momentum of the attack, I let go of the jacket as it fell to the ground, and I then put all my weight on it and pressed it down.

Then, using my tie that I took off, I wrap it around my neck with my jacket and tighten it.

“Ora! Don’t underestimate the durability of modern textiles! This tie costs 8,000 yen!”

And then…

The horned rabbit, which has been struggling inside my jacket, gradually weakens and soon becomes quiet.

As Yuto would later discover, the lower-ranked hunters of the “Hunter’s Guild,” as they are commonly called, hunt these demons for pocket money to meet their demand for meat.

The “Horned Rabbit,” a symbol of low-ranked demons, was the victor in terms of cost after a great battle to the death.

However, Yuto has no way of knowing that.

That said, he screamed with pride in his heart at the victory of his first battle

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