Worlds Merging

Weak and the strong

London, Battersea

It was a day like any other for Josh. A little bit cloudy but not raining. Josh was kicking a ball as he walked home

”Yo Josh! ”

A familliar voice exclaimed

Josh looked behind him as Devin was running towards him

Josh kept walking forwards as Devin cought up to him

”Yo ”

Devin breathed heavily almost out of breath

”My ps4 broke can i come over to play some fifa over at your place ”

Josh nodded a little

”Y….yeah ”

”Whats got you down man ”

Devin and Josh kept on walking while Josh kept kicking the ball

”Its just the history assigment ”

Devin smiled

”Don worry, once you become a Premier league footballer you won need history ”

Devin and Josh both laughed together

Joshs flat

Josh took out a key and put it into the keyhole of the door

He jerked the key right and opened the door

He took a step over the doorstep as his mom yelled out

”Welcome home honey, would you like lunch ”

”Hello ms.Josh ”

”Oh hello david, have you come to play games with Josh? ”

”You know it ”

David smiled widely

Josh and David slowly walked to Joshs room where they put their bags down

David sat on the bed while Josh slid out his chair away from his desk and started the ps4

The ventilators of the ps4 whirled up

His mother walked in with 2 plates of spaghetti

She walked out and slowly closed the door behind her

David cracked his knuckles and picked up a controler

”Time to beat you again ”

”I don think thats going to happen ”

6 hours later

Josh looked at the clock on the wall above the ps4

”Damn, i guess its time for you to go ”

David strenched a little while still sitting on the bed

”Oh damn really?….ugh ”

David placed the controller on his right and got up from the bed

Josh also got up at the same time to turn the ps4 off

David picked up his bag and turned to Josh

”Well see you in school tomorrow ”

”Yup ”

Before David could even place one leg through the doorstep of Joshs room the room started to violently shake

”What is happening ” David exclaimed

”I don know maybe an earthquake? ”

”In London? ”

The two of them looked at eachother puzzled which almost made the loose balance

After a few seconds the shaking stopped and Joshs mom rushed into the room

”You boys alright? ”

”Yes but what happened? ”

Josh asked his mom but no reply came

A blinding blue light shone through the window

So bright one would think they went blind but this only lasted momentarily

Josh staggered over to the window to take a look outside

But what he saw was quite peculiar

A strange blue circle which seemed to pulsate energy

It almost looked like a vortex

”I don think thats supposed to be there ”

David and Joshs mom rushed over and as they spotted it they stopped in their tracks

Joshs mom clutched the boys close to her

Cars stopped in front of said blue circle

Drivers stepped outside as passers by took pictures and videos

And then shapes started to almost come out of the strange circle

Green small shapes maybe a third of a humans height walking on two legs wearing strange head covers with what looked like crows feathers, hideously ugly, with a flat face with pointed ears and a wide mouth out of which sharp lower canines protruded

As one of these humanoid things stepped out of the cirlce with its crudely made spear it charged a driver that stepped out of his vehichle to see what stopped him from continuing his journey

It impaled the driver with a wide smile as it held its victim high on the spear

The man shrieked as his body under its own weight and gravity slid down the spear

Blood dripping on the green thing

Josh, David nor Joshs mom could move from the sheer shock and horrot as to what just unfolded in front of their eyes

The thing slid out the spear from the back of the now dead driver as it charged more people around

More of its kind spew through the circle and after them even bigger things appeared same in appearence buth with bulging muscles, a bald head and huge clubs in their hands

Screams of people echoed through the street as after even those things more came

Wolves twice the size of any Josh had seen on the television and before more could be seen his mom closed the window as to try to block the carnage that was happening outside

They huddled together as Joshs mom told the boys to cover their ears

David with a look of terror place his hands on his ears and pressed on them with tears rolling down his face

Josh and his mom did the same as Josh closed his eyes awaiting silence

But for a moment silence came

Just to be interupted by the sounds of explosions, machine gun fire and tanks and tracked vehichles moving through out this city

This experience lasted maybe 10 to 15 minutes but to Josh his mom and David it felt 10 times that

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