Josh laid on his old torn up sofa listening to the television as white noise in the background beer can in his left arm

8 years later still reliving that fatefull day

A lot has changed in those 8 years

Riots, Cities destroyed worldwide, people with special powers, and what some would call magic

Josh laughed at such thoughts

He sipped his beer as he listened to an ad on the telly

”Do you suspect that you or your loved one might be a hunter call your closest hunters association location and sign up to be the protectors of humanity ”

Josh laughed out loud and took out a card from his right pocket with his right arm

He looked at the card while clutching the beer can in his left arm

He gritted his teeth

”What is it worth being a ”protector ” of humanity when you
e one of the worst ones ”

The can spewed out liquid as it got slowly crushed. Josh threw the half crushed can over the television

The can smashed into pieces as the liquid exploded out of its broken container

A few drips slid down the screen of the tv

Josh looked at his card and realised the futility of what he was doing

The card almost grinned at Josh with what was written on it

Name: Josh Keane

City of Birth: London

Hunter rank: D

The worst rank, in the worst city for such a low rank

Ever since the day of the incursion London became one of the major hunting grounds in England

One of the so called big six with the other 5 being: Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester

Paradises for the chosen few high ranks, a nightmare for others

Josh was a small fry in a huge pond

Josh got up from his sofa and went to his bedrom

He opened the door and flicked the lightswich on

The lighbuld flickered a bit before it fully turned on

Josh sighed as he took his clothes off and sat on the bed

The weight of his body met the body of the bed and the bed creaked a little as if to anounce after so many years it was almost time for its service to end

Josh lay on the bed knowing full well his mind won relieve him off memories of the fateful day


Light beamed in throught the window of the bedroom and hit Joshs face

The slight warmth woke him up from his sleep not that it was much of a good sleep to begin with

Josh looked at the clock

7 am

time for a raid

Josh got up from his bed and put his clothes on

He took out a dagger from his nightstand and put it into a scabbard on his belt

With that he left his flat to go to the place where the raid will take place


In front of the blue circle pulsating with energy stood a man wearing an expensive looking navy blue suit

The man looked up from his tablet at the group ahead of him which Josh quickly joined

”Are you the group thats going to enter the gate? ”

”Ah…yes we are Somebody from the group exclaimed

”Alright the gate is ranked D you are authorized to enter ”

The man went back to looking at his tablet

The group started entering as Josh looked at the Hunters Association employee

Josh glared at him as he walked in with the rest of the group

Something unexpected hit Joshs eyes


A complete darkness like never before

Somebody ahead of Josh yelled for people to take out their phones to use as flashlights

Everything ahead of Josh got lit up from the light of the phones

A corridor made of black stone with nothing but darkness ahead

Josh could hear nothing except dead silence and the shuffling of clothes of the group moving forward through the corridor

The group walked through a big enterance to a huge hall

Huge pillars stood on each side with stairs leading towards a throne ahead of them

Chandeliers with lit candles streaked the ceiling while two skeletons stood motionless by the throne

”Alright people even though its skeletons take your positions ”

Some people moved more forwards while some staid back with Josh

While that was happening one of the skeletons head moved up to look up at the group

Its empty eye sockets glared at them with hatred and flames of passion

It moved its right hand back and hurled its sword at the group like a spear

No one in the group could react to it

Possibly not even a C rank adventurer could react to it

But Josh didn have time to think about useless information like that

All he could think off was the blood and pieces of a human brain on his clothes

All that was left of the human being that used to stand next to him just moments ago was a torso

That torso lay on the ground its head exploded from the impact of the sword and it

That same sword was stuck in the wall behind Josh

Cracks formed in the wall where the sword was embedded

Some people stood frozen, some vomited

Joshs breathing quickened as he looked around at the pandemonium

His legs moved on their own as he started walking backwards

It was his brain telling his body to leave this place

To get out of such unimaginable danger that slay one of his comrades

A comrade similar in strenght to his


He turned back from the group and started running

Hunters such as him were predicted to perish at a much faster rate then others

Josh already experienced death before but not so one sided

A lack of luck or a mistake was what led to such deaths but not this

A one sided complete annihilation of ones being

All he could do was run

Run as fast as his body allowed him to while hearing the cruel sounds of peoples dreams being crushed behind him


He ran untill he stumbled out of the gate

Tear drops streaked down his face

He looked around to find Hunters Association employee

The employee stood near the gate on the left typing something on his tablet

Josh shuffled over to him on his knees grabbing the employees pants

”You have to call somebody ” Josh screamed at the man

The man scratched his chin and responded

”Must have been a faulty miscalculation ”

The man took out a device from his left pocket and went near the gate

He pointed it at the gate and waited

He looked at the device mumbled something and took out a phone from his right pocket


The man tucked his phone back into his pocket and looked back at Josh

”A C class hunter strike force will arive in 15 minutes…so you can go now ”

Josh stood there while the man took out his wallet and handed Josh two one hundred pound banknotes

Josh took the 200 pounds and left

Josh stood in front of the Beer Wine & Spirits section in ASDA

He took a quick look at the assortment of beverages stocked ahead of him on shelves

Out of all the beverages one caught his attention a Blended Scotch Whisky

The one that will help him forget all that happened today


Josh opened the door to his flat and walked in

He slowly closed the door behind him as he didn want his neighbours to know he was home

His body slowly approached the sofa where it would find its resting place

His right hand opened the bottle of Scotch Whisky

The liquid slowly entered inside his mouth

After 10 minutes the alcohol started absorbing into Joshs bloodstream

It started affecting his thoughts


”Haaaaaa ” Josh sighed

He knew he could continue this way of life this surviving

But he didn know anything else

”If only i was richer ”

His right hand reached out and grasped at nothing

”No…if only i was stronger ”

His mind drifted away into deep slumber

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