bureaucrats, future hunters, shark guilds and the people Josh is going to meet the Deprehensios

The Deprehensios are people with a very specific skill to decipher the rank of items from dungeons and know their price

As such Josh needed to meet one about the book

It was necessary for his survival


Josh opened the double door to the huge and imposing building

The artificial light hit his eyes as he had to adjust to the new enviroment

People moved around like ants

Josh moved up to the receptionist

”Hello where could i find the Deprehensios? ”

”Do you have the required funds? ”

”Alright to the left up the stairs and first door on the left ”

”Ah thank you very much ”

Josh walked up the stairs and entered the first door on the left


It was a waiting room filled with a row of chairs and a woman standing in the middle of the room

The woman held what seemed to be a questionnaire

Josh sat down in one of the uncomfortable ligh blue plastic chairs and received a questionnaire

The questions were basic and as such he quickly handed it back to the woman

She then left through a door located right ahead of Josh


After 5 minutes a man walked out of the same door with a dissatisfied look on his face

The woman came out after him

She looked Josh in the eyes

”You can enter now ”


Josh entered the room and looked around

There wasn much to look at

The walls were beige, not a single window and a table at which an older man sat on one of the two available chairs

”Please sit down ” the man exclaimed with a warm smile on his face

Josh sat down and put the book on the table

”Ah books are rare indeed, they can offer us valuable information about the other side ”

The man motioned to the woman and she walked over to his right side

”Do you have the required funds? ”

”Yes i do ”

”Then please hand them to my assistant please ”

Josh handed the 500 pounds to the assistant


The took out a monocle from his front pocket

He put it on and looked and the book

After a minute or so he took it off

He put the monocle down near the book and looked Josh dead in the eyes

”Where have you found this item ”

”A chest from an E class gate ”

”Well young man, you have won the lottery ”

Joshs eyes perked up hearing those words

”Its an S rank, an honor really we don see those often ”


Joshs jaw dropped and he started hyperventilating

The man laughed a bit

”Sir please don faint ”

Josh calmed down a bit and asked a very important question

”Whats the price of it? ”

”I cannot discern the information in it but just based on the rank it will go over a million to who knows how much ”

”Holy shit a million ”


Josh almost fell out of his chair

”Are you willing to sell it to us right now or will you go home to think it over? ”

”I think ill go home and think about it ”

Josh composed himself got up from the chair and left

The older man leaned back in his chair

”Now that is rare indeed ”


Josh closed the door to his flat and leaned on it His entire body slid down into a crouched position

”A million ”

”A million ”

His brain kept thinking of ways he could spend that

”I could buy a house, have nice clothes , get a girlfriend ”

The neverending train of thoughts kept on going

Until it ran out of steam

”The book is S ranked so if i get a power even 2 ranks lower i could make more than they offered ”

But that would be a gamble that most people wouldn go through

Most people would take the immediate reward

But Josh was a gambling man and he gambled his life every time he entered the gates

Was he willing to take on one more?


He was

Josh grabbed the book, opened it and stared and the empty pages for a bit

He scratched his chin and remembered how he opened the chest

A drop of blood, it needed blood

A knife awaited, on top of a plastic tray

The tip touched Joshs skin as it pierced through

A stinging pain appeared but quickly subsided as the required amount of blood exited the wound out onto the book


A blue ligh once again appeared

Just like the chest and just like the fateful day the gates appeared

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